Life in the 21st century can be challenging.

We live busy lives, in a complex society; we’re surrounded by confusing and contradictory messages about how to live. Amidst all this, how can we find meaning, and develop ways to live gently and happily with ourselves and others?

This series of workshops will create a space for us to talk, share and think about how we live now—and how we want to live. We’ll explore ways to feel better, live better, and be more comfortable in this often-bewildering world. It’ll be a place to share, to laugh, to examine your values, to think about what matters right now and the stuff that will always matter. We’ll connect with ourselves, with each other, and with a sense of the wider world. Texts and ideas from all sorts of writers and thinkers will help us explore a range of topics:

12th September: the way we live now: what does our society tell us about how to live, and how do we find ourselves living today?
10th October: always wanting more: how to say ‘enough’
14th November: busy lives: slowing down and taking notice
23rd January: the perfection fantasy: dealing with change, ageing and things going wrong (NOTE: this is a change to the original date)
13th February: the isolated self: connecting with ourselves and others—living in society with kindness and compassion
13th March: what really matters?: identifying our own values—living them in a society which may not recognise them

We’ll meet on a Tuesday afternoon from 2-4.30 in the old schoolroom at Kendal Unitarian Chapel. Though the course is designed is a whole, the sessions also stand alone—so you can come to one, some or all of them. But please note that places are limited, and to secure a place you need to book in advance. (It’s also important to mention that tea, coffee and cake are included in the price!)

…and the price is: single session: £15, three sessions: £40, six sessions: £75. Early-bird ticket: all six sessions £70 if booked before 31 August. You can book in advance, or come along and pay on the door. (The course will need a minimum number to run.)

Contact me if you’d like any more information, or to book a place.