What do you want not to be on your own with?

The 42 group is a thriving community of people who meet to talk about—yes—life, the universe and everything. We start with poems to get us into whatever we’re talking about, and then let the discussion take us where it will.

We meet once a month—the second Wednesday—at the Castle Street Community Centre in Kendal, in the evening. The poems-and-discussion bit kicks off at 7, though some of us come earlier to get a cup of tea, and check in with each other. There’s always a cake break about 8 (home-made vegan things are available too), and always a great mix of poems. I bring one to get us started, and everyone else is welcome to bring whatever they thought of in relation to that month’s topic—or just to bring themselves. (We’re never short of material!) Some people talk, some people listen; some attend regularly, some bob in and out. It’s about having a shared space and time where we can mull on what it is to be human.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 13th June when our topic is ‘Stillness’. Bring whatever comes to mind when you think of that (which might, of course, be noise, or movement, as well as being still). We’ll go where the poems take us.

It’s £9 for a session, or £32 if you book for a term in advance (that’s four meetings). If you want to give it a try, come along—it might be for you, or it might not. No commitment, no pressure. Contact me if you’d like to know any more, or just turn up and see.

After the June meeting we then have our two-month summer holiday before starting again in September. Dates for next year will be confirmed in due course; but basically, it’s the second Wednesday in the month.