You know that thing where you blithely promise something, knowing it is safely far enough in the future not to feel real, and may perhaps not even happen anyway? Well, here I am, having promised to help my goddaughter’s sister raise some money, and now finding myself with a definite date when I’m going to be doing so. Buying from her stall at the church fair? Yes, done that. Abseiling from the church tower… no. Not so much. And yet, it is happening. And it’s happening next month.

The fact that, in the event of something going catastrophically wrong, I’ll be handily placed for the funeral and committal of my remains is, it turns out, insufficiently comforting.

I do have a valid passport.

On the other hand, I also seem to have a strange feeling that I’m going to do it. This, friends, is going to be a Thing and a half, and you can expect my most dramatic prose. But in the meantime, if anyone is interested in supporting me, Isobel and Project Trust—the charity with which she will be doing a year’s volunteering in Namibia—you can find out more: about Iz herself here (this is her VirginMoney giving page) and about Project Trust here.

To find out more about me, keep an eye on the obits column, just in case….

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