This isn’t a thing, but feels like a culmination of an awful lot of things.

It’s a quick post to unveil my new website, which is dedicated to poetry. The new site has come about because an actual press is going to be publishing two actual pamphlets of my poems, one of which will have an actual ISBN number on the back and my name on the front. You’ll be able to order the pamphlets through the site.

I mean, what???

So, lest the net crash with the frenzy of new fans rushing hither and yon in search of me (!), it was time to make a place they could come to, and here it is: It’s out there all shiny and new on the interweb, feeling quite shy and hoping people will come and visit it. As for me, I am bursting with excitement and pride and the shiny-eyed wonder of a long-held dream actually coming true.

I also wanted to make a place where I could be having ongoing virtual conversations about poetry—the sorts of conversations we have in the groups I facilitate. There’s something so nourishing about reading poetry together, and talking about it. Thus the new site, as well as having information about events, publications and prizes, and quite a bit of my poetry, will also have a weekly column for chewing the fat about poetry. I’m hoping that those of you who enjoy the poetry here on what the afternoon knows will want to join in the conversation at, too.

Thing 44 is in the post, and I look forward to seeing you in a few days, when that is up. But, for the moment, take time to visit the newbie. I hope you’ll like her…

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